Argos-AI Cybersecurity Services rely on a suite of expert-level AI and machine learning tools, backed by a 24x7 cybersecurity operations center to offer a wide range of integrated security capabilities and services. This suite of capabilities allows us to not only monitor your networks but respond immediately at the first sign of trouble.

Leveraging a network of highly trained subject matter experts enables Argos-AI to provide an integrated Cybersecurity and Data Science Services portfolio:​

Our Portfolio

Cyber Risk Assessments

  • Vulnerability Assessments – Systemic and Technical.

  • Cyber Risk and Readiness Assessment of Converged IT and OT systems.

  • Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (Open/Dark Web profiling).

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Assessments. - Coming Soon

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​24x7 Risk Monitoring and Mitigation

  • Cybersecurity Operations Center-as-a-Service.

  • Endpoint, Network, Cloud and Gateway Protection, Detection, and Response.

  • Targeted Open Source Intelligence (TOSINT).

  • Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation – IT/OT, Enterprise, 3rd Party Vendors and Supply Chain.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

  • Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Intelligence – Internal/External

  • Insider Threat Detection and Mitigation

  • Threat Intelligence and Information Sharing Management - OpenCTI and MISP Integration

Threat Hunting, Investigation, and Response

  • Incident Investigation and Response

  • Intrusion Forensics

  • Attribution & Adjudication

Managed Risk Analytics

  • Risk Data Architecture

  • Data Mapping, Collection, and Normalization

  • Data Lake Implementation and Aggregation

  • Threat and Vulnerability Data enrichment

  • Risk Correlation and Visualization