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Cyber Intelligence & Forensic Investigations


The Cyber Intelligence and Forensic Investigations Program is designed to support international, federal, state, local law enforcement personnel and focuses on delivering competency-based skill development instruction over five courses that lecture, lab, mentorship, and investigations support. The hands-on curriculum and mentorship is delivered in-person, virtually or hybrid over 40 or 80 hours and virtually over 10 weeks through the Applied Training & Assessment Center (ATAC) available at Our focus is on building student knowledge, analytic skills, and applying them through hands-on mentorship and extensive experiential labs to develop their core investigative competencies.

Open-Source Intelligence Analysis and Investigations


Upon completion of this course, students will understand the history of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT); demonstrate knowledge of OSINT methodologies and frameworks; demonstrate skill in OSINT data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting; demonstrate skill in data collection, analysis, and reporting from the Dark Web; demonstrate skill in Social Media data collection, analysis, and reporting; and understand the proper OSINT investigation process and techniques.



Ransomware Investigations


The Ransomware Investigations course provides students a thorough understanding of the history and evolution of ransomware attacks; the types of ransomware used; the threat actor groups behind them and their respective TTPs (MITRE ATT&CK); the methods and types of ransom payments and; the techniques to successfully investigate them. Students will also demonstrate skills in investigative anonymization, preserving online evidence and; ransom payment tracking.


Digital Currency Investigations and Forensics


The Digital Currency Investigations & Forensics course provides an introduction to digital currencies and cryptocurrencies; the technology behind them, and how to investigate and analyze digital currency enabled crimes. Students will demonstrate an understanding of encryption and the blockchain technology behind the multitude of cryptocoins and tokens. They will gain the necessary skills to anonymize their investigations, understand how crypto wallets work, and track payments.

Social Media Intelligence and Analysis


The Social Media Intelligence and Analysis course provides students a thorough understanding of the proper social media collection and analysis process and demonstrate skills in setting up an online web persona to infiltrate social networks; using social media platforms; analyzing  Images for evidence identification and preservation; proper use of tools and techniques to identify suspect using CSI Linux and demonstrate skill developing a proper Cyber Intelligence Reports.

Cyber Investigations and Forensics


The Cyber Investigations and Forensics course provides students an introduction to the concept of a cyber first responder. Students will demonstrate knowledge of computer hardware, operating systems, cell phones, PDAs, GPSs, networking fundamentals, and email investigations. Demonstrate skill in evidence identification, preservation, collection and analysis. Students will thoroughly understand the legal issues of search and seizure and chain of custody and demonstrate proper report writing techniques.

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